Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break 2012

 Wow, what a week! My family has been hosting a foreign exchange student this year (Yilin). She is the cutie pie with the glasses. A few of the students at the school decided they didn't want to stay home for spring break, so they planned the trip. SAN FRANCISCO. My mom was to be the only chaperone, so my husband and I vounteered to tag along and be relief drivers. This picture is of the group: Shay, Brayden, Ariel, Yidou, Donovan, Finnia, Yilin, and Me. 

 The Cable Car system in San Francisco was so much fun! The cars have bee around for years and they still work great. I was very impressed by the public transportation efforts in the city. You could get anywhere!

It did rain.... a lot! This is just me and my hubby with my overturned umbrella. We wore layers every day!

This is the Surfer Mueseum in Santa Cruz, it wasn't open, but it sure was cute on the outside. The highlight of my day in Santa Cruz was seeing seals in the ocean! They were barking and swimming right next to the dock! It was such a cool experience.

We went to the Aquarium of the Bay and saw all kinds of fish that live in the ocean and in the bay area. We even got to watch a shark feeding!

This is just me and hubby being odd outside of the Aquarium.

On the boat on the way to Alcatraz!

This building has been on Alcatraz Island since the Civil War! The tin roof was covered in moss and the plants around it were stunning.

 I cannot say enough cool things about Alcatraz! If you ever go to San Francisco, make sure you take the time to visit. The guided audio tour through the cell block is absolutely amazing! It is narrated by past prisoners and guards and the stories are fasicnating. It was a real treat

 We ended up at the San Francisco Mueseum of Modern Art. I am not a huge fan of some of it, but a lot of it was really neat. This piece was especially cool. It video recorded both a watch and the room and everything in side the watch was a picture. It took a picture every one second. So, you could stand on the outside of the watch and take a picture of yourself in two places if you were quick.

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