Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Lovebirds Painting

Hey, all! I don't write blogs or do anything to express myself in writing anymore. I have been thinking a lot lately about all the crafty things I like to do and how I wish I had documented all of them. So, in an attempt to make record of my creativity I will try out the blogging thing. Don't expect to see a post weekly, or even monthly but I plan to post my big projects and inspirations when the creativity bug bites.

This week was spring break, and our guest closet has been piling up with "projects to be". (Usually thrift store or clearance finds.) One buy in particular has been really exciting me. I bought 7 fresh canvases from a Michael's for only 5 dollars! One of the canvases had a small hole, but the other six were good as new! I know nothing about painting, but I knew that I wanted to try it out when I had some time. So, here is the result.

 I love lovebirds. They have started to take over in our home decor. There is something so sweet, simple, and outdoorsy about them. I just knew my project had to incorporate birds.

Step One: Pinterest

Unfortunately, a good many of my creative ideas are not original. What fun it is to glean from the creativity of others with such ease. I pinned twelve bird paintings that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Step Two: Sketching
I took some time to sketch out a few of my favorite  paintings and get some practice in before defiling my precious canvases.
Step Three: Painting
This was the most stressful step for these reasons:
A. I had brand new acrylic paints (Never before have I used acrylic)
2. I intended to hang this in my house; and I wanted it to match the bedding we already had in the second bedroom.
B.  We were set to go to the end of year USU Football Banquet in only 2 hours. This meant I was already gussied up and could not afford to be clumsy and make a smudgy painted mess of myself.

 Here is the painting in its new home. Looks pretty great, don't you think? I had a thought that I would maybe add birds as our family grows and maybe one day, we will fill the whole branch!

Luckily, I came out with only tiny hand smudges just in time for the banquet. I don't claim to be a painter by any means. I post this as evidence that anyone can try.

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